September – June

Monday – Thursday | 2:00 – 6:00 pm

Students receive help with homework, projects, managing their time and studies effectively, and develop individual accountability for their education and growth. Mandatory extra 30 minutes of reading daily, 1-1 reading buddies, 1-1 math mentoring, math- flash cards, Khan Academy.

1-1 support from DGA counselor Pat Snow in course selection, researching colleges, interview preparation, resume writing, PSAT/SAT prep, and the all-important college essay and college application. Career Days organized for students which highlight leaders in social work, manufacturing and entrepreneurship and more.

Enrichment Workshops daily and monthly field trips

Staff monitors grades; collects report cards, are in regular contact with teachers and schools by email and attend all Parent-Teacher conferences.

Enrichment classes and workshops

Weekly SAT prep classes for Math for all DGA high schoolers, computer coding and programming, robotics and engineering with ASML, bullying, social media information and precautions, public speaking, yoga, drug, substance, and vaping prevention, and vaping information, healthy relationships and body image ,free writing and poetry, flight simulation, and more!

June – August

Monday – Friday

A combination of academics in the office, tennis instruction, training for a 5k/1 mile race, college campus visits, filed trips, and a daily healthy breakfast and lunch, 5 days a week, for 6-7 weeks. Academics include math, reading and writing, book clubs, creative writing, and various enrichment workshops like coding and robotics, yoga, and art.

Tennis Practice: 

8:30-2:30 Mon. – Thu.

9:00-12:00 Fri.

In office Academics and Enrichment:

8:30- 2:00  Mon. – Thu.

December – April

Winter Tennis

Select students participate in winter tennis 1 day a week. They are selected based on grades, effort, behavior, attitude, and attendance in the summer.


College campus tours and visits, The U.S. Open, museums, local farms, the Ridgefield Playhouse, Essex Steam Train and Ferry, Candlewood Beach, CT Science Center, New York Hall of Science, the Bronx Zoo, music concerts, and hikes at local parks.

Nutrition and Health

After-school meals for each student during the school year and emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and proper nutrition, and healthy choices when possible. We provide monthly nutrition workshops through the UCONN extension for our parents.

During our Summer Academic and Tennis programs we provide a healthy breakfast and lunch daily to all students


DGA’s Art Program offers a dynamic and enriching experience for students to explore their creativity and develop their artistic skills. Our program emphasizes hands-on learning, fostering a deep understanding of various artistic techniques and concepts. Through a diverse range of activities, including museum visits, field trips, and in-class projects, students engage with renowned artworks and artists, gaining inspiration for their own creations.

Our program also integrates art history and appreciation.Through discussions, presentations, and research projects, students learn about significant artists, movements, and cultural influences, enriching their understanding of the art world and their own art culture.


  • Math Facts Practice with Joe (all students)


  • Writing & Grammar (all students)
  • School Pressure & Life Stress (select students)
    • one on one sessions 
  • Yoga with Susie (all students)
  • Art & Creativity with Pam (all students)
  • Dance Classes (middle school girls)
  • Coding, Programing, & Robotics with Greg (twice a week, all students)


  • “Girl Power” talks & discussions
  • Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention (8th- 12 graders)
  • College Prep Workshops/Information Sessions/SAT Prep (bi monthly, high school students)

Other Workshops

  • CT School Finance with Erika Haynes- Equity and equality in schools
  • ASML: All students work with a group of very bright, fun and kind employees from ASML in Wilton. They break up into groups, designed and built their own robots, and programmed them to follow a path. Our kids are able to work on intellectual curiosity, inquisitiveness, logical reasoning, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills.
  • Healthy relationships and body image workshops with the Woman’s Center (all students